Recover Deleted Files Windows

Recycle Bin is a temporary storage folder for the files that have been deleted by the user but not yet permanently erased from physical media. It gives a second chance to the user to recover deleted files. Recycle bin is a special file directly presented to the user which allows the user to browse for the deleted items, recover mistakenly deleted files or delete them permanently. Recycle Bin stores files deleted from hard drive but not from removable media like external USB drives, memory cards, floppy disks, network drivers etc. The Recycle Bin has a setting to configure the amount of deleted files it can store. The free disk space allocated for recycle bin will not be utilized until you delete a file from folders and store it in Recycle Bin.

If you have mistakenly deleted the files by pressing “Delete” then the folders are moved in to the recycle bin and can be stored back easily by right clicking on the particular file and selecting restore option whenever you need them. The files deleted using shift + delete keys will not move in to the recycle bin but bypass the recycle bin. In such cases you need a best third party application to retrieve shift deleted files of Microsoft Office on Windows Vista OS.

Human errors are the main reason for deletion of files from recycle bin. Usually we empty the Recycle Bin regularly to make space for newly deleted files. In such cases some times it may happen that you accidentally delete the file containing the vital information that has been unintentionally moved to Recycle Bin. This results in loss of important file. If you have accidentally deleted a file whose size is more as compared to free space available in Recycle Bin, then it bypasses the Recycle Bin resulting in loss of important file. If the Recycle Bin is full then Windows operating system automatically creates the disk space for storing newly deleted files by removing old files from Recycle Bin. This results in data loss if the old file list contains some important files which are deleted unintensionally. If you accidentally delete the files using command prompt the files are not moved to Recycle Bin instead they bypass the Recycle Bin this results in data loss. In such situation use file recovery application to retrieve deleted files on Windows 7.

You might have lost files of different file types like photos, documents, audios, etc. You can even perform deleted video file recovery Windows using the software. Actually, when the file is deleted from the system you need not have to worry. Since the file are not permanently deleted from the hard drive. The file pointer pointing to that storage location will be deleted and that storage space is marked as free to store new files. If you store new file to that location then the files which are present in that space will be permanently lost. So avoid saving new files once you sense that files are deleted from system, it increases the chance of recovery.

Deleted file recovery application is an excellent recovery application to restore deleted pictures from Recycle Bin on Win XP, Vista, 7. It can instantly retrieve more than 280 file types based on their unique signatures. You can retrieve files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, EXFAT partitions/volumes. It saves the disk space by compressing the retrieved files in a zip archive and sorts the files on the basis of file name, type, creation date, size. It can even restore deleted documents on Windows XP and other versions of Windows OS. Word document recovery is very important as they contain lots of confidential data in it like password of user accounts. This software also helps you to easily recover deleted music, text, images and other files from flash memory cards, USB external drives, hard drives, iPod. Files deleted from partitions from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array can be retrieved with simple mouse clicks. This award winning Windows deleted file recovery application helps you to preview recovered data prior to saving.

You can easily find deleted files from thumb drive & other portable devices after file system conversion, external threats, antivirus scanning, accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, etc.

Steps to retrieve deleted files from Recycle Bin:

Step 1: Download and install the Windows file recovery utility on your PC. Launch the utility and select “Recover Files” option to recover deleted data from Recycle Bin as shown in Figure 1.

Recover deleted files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Now a window pops up with two options like "Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files". Select “Recover Deleted Files” option to retrieve the files deleted from Recycle Bin as shown in Figure 2.

deleted file recovery from recycle bin

Figure 2: Select Recover Deleted Files

Step 3: Select the appropriate drive from which the data is to be recovered and click “Next” to start recovery process as shown in Figure 3.

Windows deleted file recovery - Hard drive selection screen

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: Immediately after the completion of recovery process you can preview recovered files and save to secured location as shown in Figure 4.

Restore erased data on Windows - Preview Screen

Figure 4: Recovered File List