Recover Deleted Files Windows

How to recover deleted Word documents on Windows XP?

Word documents are very simple files yet very important files as it can store your highly confidential information. Word documents help you record stories, documents, passwords, etc. important data in it. Word documents from Microsoft Corporation are DOC or DOCX files. DOCX files are the format of new version of Word files. The Word files help you to prepare proper documentation of your data. It comes with lots of features to align the data and make the file look very informative and attractive. You can add animations, clip arts, pictures, graphics, create table, etc. on the Word document.

You are using Windows XP as you do not need external drivers for a hardware connected on Windows XP. It supports many of the software, which are not supported by higher versions of Windows. While working normally on your Windows, you may lose the Word documents all of a sudden from the user interface of the computer. For your hard luck, this had happened this time because of your anxiousness to wipe out all the unwanted files. You had some of the documents which are related to you and your doctor. You do not want anyone to know about your illness. Your friends and family might see it, by this thought you delete the files from the computer. You operate on the files using Shift + Delete. All the files are gone from the Windows XP in a snap of time. By mistake you have deleted some important official files also. What can be done in such situation? You can restore deleted files on Windows using recovery software. File recovery software is one such recovery tool which helps you recover Word documents efficiently on Windows XP.

Common scenarios in which Word documents are deleted:

Empty Recycle Bin: Recycle Bin is a storage space where the deleted files and folders of the hard drive of the computer are stored. You can restore the files back from the Recycle Bin, if you want the deleted files. Recycle Bin occupies ten percent of the hard drive memory space. You can empty the Recycle Bin to improve the performance of the computer. If you had any important documents in the Recycle Bin and empty the Recycle Bin before restoring it then you will lose the Word files from the computer.

Deletion by third party software: The third party software i.e. the anti-virus application can delete the Word file if threat is detected. The Word file on the computer while scanning the computer or the external drive if found to be infected then the anti-virus software may delete the infected file for the security of the computer data. In such situations, file recovery software helps you recover deleted documents Windows XP.

Formatting: The storage drives when formatted, the files on the drive are marked as deleted and the storage space will be ready to be rewritten by the new files. if you have not backed up the files before formatting then you will lose all the important files on the storage drive. You can recover those documents on Windows XP using file recovery software.

Deleted from external drive : If you have connected an external drive to your computer and you are deleting some files from the computer. Forgetting that you have connected an external drive, you delete some of the files from the external drive with the same name as the files on the internal drive. You will lose all the files from the external drive. You can recover those files using recovery software. File recovery software helps you to recover the files efficiently.

Advantageous features of file recovery software:

The file recovery software helps you to get back not only documents but also you can recover deleted photos from Recycle Bin on Windows XP. The software has simple user interface and anyone without any technical knowledge can use it. The software has read only mechanism and it will not overwrite the files while scanning. The software uses rigorous scanning mechanism to scan the drives in few seconds. You can perform accidentally deleted DOCX file recovery on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista OS based computers. You can save the recovery session to avoid rescanning the storage drive. If storage space is the issue then the software also takes care of the memory space by allowing the recovered files to be archived to ZIP. You can recover files deleted using command prompt on Windows. The software supports recovery of not only documents but also different file types including archives, emails, database files, basic media files, etc. The software supports recovery from even external drives connected to the computer.

Steps to recover deleted documents from Windows XP using file recovery software:

Step 1: Download the file recovery software and install on the computer. Launch the software and select the “Recover Files” option. Then select “Recover Deleted Files” option to scan for deleted Word documents.

Recover deleted files - Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive and click on “Next” option to proceed. The software starts scanning the drive.

Windows deleted file recovery - Hard drive selection screen

Step 3: Once the scan process is completed, you will get the result in two displays. Save the Word files on the computer by specifying the destination location.

Restore erased data on Windows - Preview Screen