Recover Deleted Files Windows

Is it possible to find deleted files from thumb drive?

Thumb drives are the portable storage device which helps in keeping backup of important files. You can also transfer file from one device to other using this device. The storage capacity of the drive varies according to the model. You can store various types of files in this drive such as texts, pictures, music, movies, documents, etc. It also provides quick access to the data. It is a reliable storage media but as accidents can happen anytime and at any place, so loss of files from the drive cannot be spared. Accidental deletion of files is the most common scenarios that may lead to loss of important files from the drive. When your files get erased from the thumb drive it is not re-directed to the recycle bin, rather it bypasses it. Can you recover deleted files from a thumb drive? Of course yes Windows file recovery tool is the ultimate solution for this problem.

There are also other reasons that may lead to deletion of files from thumb drive. Some of them are:

  • File system conversion: You may convert the file system from one format to other to have various attributes suiting the type of the files which you want to store & access. But before doing that you forgot to take backup of that file. As a result after performing the process you may not have backup of the file to restore them back.

  • Unintentional formatting: You may format your thumb drive unknowingly while operating on it .When the drive is connected to the system you may click on the format option which may lead to permanent deletion of files unless you use recovery program to get the files back.

  • Improper Transfer Process: Improper transfer process of files from your thumb drive to your system may lead to deletion of images from your PC. If the process of transferring files from thumb drive gets interrupted due to power loss or technical error then also your files may get deleted.

Files from thumb drive may also get deleted due to virus attack, using cut +paste option while transferring files or any other reasons.  In all such cases Windows Deleted File Recovery software serves the best to get back missing files from thumb drive. This prominent utility scans the complete thumb drive of the system and recovers deleted files with utmost ease. Not only thumb drive you can also find deleted files from other storage devices like hard drives, external hard drive, memory card, iPod, etc. You can even get back deleted files after using command prompt in Windows. This application can also be executed on all latest versions of Windows Operating System. It is designed with powerful algorithms which searches for the missing file on a sector by sector basis and then restore them back. It recovers all deleted or lost files on the basis of signature search. The software also provides word file recovery on Windows 7 & you can get more info about this on

Sometimes you may delete your file from Windows 7 accidentally by pressing on Shift +delete option as a result of which files gets removed from the system bypassing recycle bin. Don’t be upset!!! You can make use of this software to get files back. Go through the site to get more details about the recovery program.

Steps to recover deleted documents from Windows XP using file recovery software:

Step 1:From the main screen the software select “Recover Files” option. Then choose “Recover Deleted Files” option & go to next step.

Can You Recover Deleted Files from a Thumb Drive - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the thumb drive connected to the system and then click on “Next” option to proceed. The application starts scanning the drive.

Can You Recover Deleted Files from a Thumb Drive - Hard drive selection screen

Fig 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Once the recovery program is over you can view the recovered files list

Can You Recover Deleted Files from a Thumb Drive - Preview Screen

Fig 3: Recovered Files