Deleted File Recovery Software for Windows

Accidentally deleted any of your important file from your Computer?

If you have lost or deleted any of your important file then you can easily recover it back using best file recovery tool. There are many circumstances under which your file may get deleted or lost from your system or from other external storage devices. Generally your file gets deleted from your system for permanently when you use combination of Shift + Delete keys for the purpose of deleting the file. But this combination of command will lead to the permanent deletion of the file. Besides this reason, there are plenty of reasons responsible for loss and deletion of file.

In this context, the main thing you need to keep in mind is that to have patience. You don’t need to worry about it as every problem has solution. You can easily recover any deleted file at any point of time until and unless it has not been overwritten by new files. For recovery purpose, you need to use proficient and efficient third party file recovery software which should be compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Windows OS.

But before moving on to the selection of the recovery tool, you need to cross check the availability of the file. In this context, you need to scan you whole system for locating the destination path of the file. If you are not able to see the physical presence of the file then it is very essential to use the file recovery software.

You might use Windows XP on your computer as it supports many software and doesn't need external drivers for hardwares. You may lose your important Word files from the computer for deletion by mistake or by third party software. The Word documents may contain important data in it which should be recovered. In such situation, you can recover deleted documents on Windows XP using file recovery software.

Now the point is that which is the best file recovery software available now days? So I would like to simplify your confusion regarding this by introducing our file recovery software. Our software works exceptionally well with Windows OS due to which it has been awarded by prominent leaders of the industry. Moreover, some of the industry experts and our satisfied customers had expressed their views by mean of testimonials and reviews.

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Five important file loss scenarios related to Windows OS are:



Emptying Recycle Bin

If you empty the Recycle Bin completely without scanning twice or without keeping a back up of the important files then all the important files will get deleted with all unwanted files

Abrupt system shut down

If your system gets shut down abruptly at the time when the file is in active mode then there are more chances that you may lose the file. Abrupt system shut down takes place due to system error, hard drive failure, hardware malfunctioning

Influence of external threat

If your system has been infected by any dangerous virus then the possibility of file loss gets increased. Installing unknown third party utility via internet increases the chances of more virus attack. Due to this, some of the files may also get infected by this harmful threat resulting in loss of data

Power surge
& Continuous power fluctuation

It is very frustrating and irritating if the power goes off in middle when you are doing some important changes or modifications to the file. Sudden power surge and continuous power fluctuation takes place due to lose electrical connectivity or due to some hardware problem. Your file may get deleted if it happens on a continuous basis

Defrag failure

If the defragmentation process gets stuck in the middle due to any kind of interruption then there are more chances that your file may get deleted from your system’s hard drive. Generally defrag failure takes place due to system malfunctioning

Our software is highly competent in recovering all types of files which got under any of the above mentioned scenarios. Our file recovery tool supports recovery of Microsoft Word file, PPTX PowerPoint presentation file, DBX file, PST file, ZIPX file, RAR file and many more.

Things to be done immediately after deletion or loss of the file:

  • Avoid storing any new file to the same drive or partition from where you have lost or deleted the file. This will prevent the deleted file from getting overwritten by the new file. Overwriting reduces the chances of recovery of the deleted files.
  • Use reliable file recovery tool which can efficiently recover deleted or lost file with utmost ease. Remember always select only that recovery tool which provides read-only feature. This feature helps in protecting the file structure of the source file.

Remarkable features of our file recovery software are:

  • Quickly scan the entire drive / partition within few minutes in order to recover deleted / lost files
  • Easily recover those files which bypasses Windows Recycle Bin when they exceeds a specific size limit
  • Advanced recovery engine efficiently recovers more than 300 file types at an instant pace
  • It can recover accidentally deleted DOCX files on Windows 7 and also support recovery of all other types of files
  • It supports recovery of any type of files from all popular versions of Windows OS such as Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008
  • It has the ability to retrieve Shift Deleted Office files on Vista and on other popular versions of Windows Operating System
  • Provides preview option in order to evaluate the performance of this software on the basis of competency level
  • It allows you to Zip the recovered files in order to save the disk space
  • It also recovers compressed files from NTFS formatted drives with utmost ease
  • Learn how to recover deleted music, images, videos, text and other files within few simple clicks.

Recover your deleted / lost files in just few easy steps:

  1. Download and Install demo version of this software to your local system. Launch the software by clicking on the desktop icon, once you have installed it. After that, click on Recover Files option from the main Window
  2. Once you are done with it, you need to select your scanning option between Recover Deleted Files and Recover Lost Files as per your requirement
  3. As soon as you click on any of the scanning option, the software will start its recovery procedure. Once the recovery process gets over, you can preview the list of the recovered files in a very systematic and organized manner

Some beneficial tips for avoiding deletion / loss of files in future are:

  • Avoid installing any unreliable third party utilities to your system in order to avoid attacks of any external threat
  • Do not access any file when there is continuous power fluctuation in order to protect the file structure of the file from getting corrupted
  • Do not empty your Recycle Bin before scanning it twice in order to protect all important files from getting deleted
  • Use reliable anti-virus software in order to keep your system virus-free. Always scan third party applications before installing it to the system
  • Fix the power of abrupt system shut down in order to protect the system from getting crashed